Slide Mounting Kits and Packages

Convenient packaging for photo hobby enthusiast or occasional low volume commercial requirements.

Pako Professional Bulk Pack
contains 500 Pro Mounts and a convenient hand mounting fixture.

Pako Slide Mounting Kit
includes 100 Pro Mounts and a convenient hand mounting fixture
  Plastic Slide Boxes

These sturdy opaque plastic boxes have clear, tight fitting covers. Slides store vertically in a “projection ready” position.

40 count (2-3/8'' x 2-1/4'' x 2-1/4'')
NEW Slide Boxes SW40

SW-40 Slide Boxes are a competitively priced alternative to cardboard boxes. These sturdy plastic boxes will hold 46 1.3mm mounts or 42 Pako Hinged Mounts. Their flat design makes them ideal for use with envelopes. The boxes are shipped assembled (lid assembled with bottom).

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